Our photography based expeditions/projects become high profile books, blogs, videos, websites, travel articles and international travelling exhibitions. We also garner tremendous country exposure in newspaper, radio and television interviews and at travel, food, publishing and related media industry conferences and festivals. For example, The Birth of Coffee, one of our current projects, was published by Random House the largest publisher in the world. www.birthofcoffee.com


The museum quality traveling exhibition based on the book has been in 20 cities in the United States and seen by nearly one million people. The exhibition will soon go to Europe and Australia.


The goal of The Birth of Chocolate is to extend the individual’s personal chocolate experiences by providing an understanding of the many people, places and processes involved in bringing chocolate to the table.

To complete the project, the author/explorer Linda Rice Lorenzetti and photographer/explorer Daniel Lorenzetti will travel to the major cocoa producing countries to document and record the world’s cocoa cultures.  They will follow the cocoa cycle from a single seed at planting to harvest and, ultimately, the final confection. 

Planned elements will include:

  • international photographic exhibition tour
  • a published book
  • a complementary web site
  • a social media outreach campaign
  • a chocolate blog
  • an education map based curriculum for the web and ipad